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A Sunrise, Two Lions & A Sunset (Photo Album)

Last weekend, I took a short, three-hour bus trip south to Gweru, Zimbabwe, to visit Antelope Park – a perfect combination of hostel/safari lodge, campsite and nature preserve. Though there is a lengthy list of activities and excursions from which to choose, I was interested in only one…

Kariba and Sikumi are 11- and 12-month-old lion “cubs” that will ultimately be released into the wild. They are part of a captive breeding program that is part of the African Lion Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Program. They are not tame and they were not sedated (though perhaps I should have been), and I’m certain if it had occurred to either of them, they would have happily eaten me. Luckily for me, they were much more interested in playing together, stalking impalas and basking in the beautiful morning sun.

I was the only guest on this magical early morning walk — not by design, but through good fortune.
I was accompanied by a guide, and two lion caretakers to guard against any surprises.

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